Welcome to the Greatest City in Racing!

Welcome to the Greatest City in Racing!

It started with Super Bowl XLVI and continued with the 2015 NCAA Final Four and the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500. Sport Graphics once again created and is installing a larger-than-life graphic on the side of the JW Marriott beginning April 19 to mark the 101st Indy 500.

As visitors travel west from downtown to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or as they begin their descent into Indianapolis International Airport, they’ll be welcomed to the “Greatest City in Racing.”

By the Numbers:
– This is the fourth installation using the JW Marriott as the canvas.
– The 101st Running graphic reaches the hotel’s 33rd floor and spans more than eight.
– Once in place, 18,500 square feet — about one half-acre — of the facade will be covered.
– 115 panels of vinyl measuring up to 38 feet each are used to create this unique piece of décor.
– It will be seen from countless points throughout downtown. However, because of the innovative material used, hotels guests will never notice it from inside their rooms.
– It will take a team of nine installers and crewmen roughly 40 hours to complete. This is on top of many hours of planning, production and logistics work to ensure everything goes in place seamlessly.

Frank Hancock, Founder and President of Sport Graphics, joined Allison Melangton and Doug Boles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and members of the media for the unveiling this year’s design.


A look at the 2016 design and installation: