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Notre Dame – Sport Graphics

A stadium is more than just a field of play. When the most renowned college football facility in the nation re-dedicated itself after 75 years, respect for the legacy was the preeminent concern. Signage had never been a part of Notre Dame Stadium. Sport Graphics delivered a décor package that preserves the years of tradition and highlights the original façade in a respectful manner. So much so, that this installation which was meant for one season has been carried over and expanded. Sport Graphics was honored to create exciting décor for The University of Notre Dame.We designed and installed their first ever Championship banners. Our work can also be seen just above the famous tunnel the players exit on game day and on the “ghosts of Notre Dame” (all-americans, hall of famers etc) hanging throughout the stadium.

Photo Courtesy of Notre Dame®

Construction site decor

Sport Graphics doesn’t just provide amazing services and décor for athletic events and facilities.

We also work with a wide variety of businesses to help with their individual needs when it comes to branding and décor.

One category we have been servicing lately is the construction industry.

While new construction is taking place, SG can help to deliver impact with the surrounding areas.

Here is a look at a few recent projects.

Keystone Construction
Sport Graphics provided this fence mesh for Keystone Construction to use during construction of the Broad Ripple parking garage and shoppes.

Eli Lilly
SG provided this fence mesh for Eli Lilly near its headquarters in downtown Indianapolis.

Buckingham Companies
Buckingham Companies turned to SG when they needed different styles of temporary décor for the new “City Way” area being developed in downtown Indianapolis.