SG Way

The SG way is big. The SG way is precise. The SG way is putting clients first.

We use our creativity and experience to produce the results you need. That, in the end, is the SG way. We put you first. No matter what.

The heart of the SG Way is the Five Ds, our multi-phase plan for total client satisfaction. Hereʼs how it works:

1. Discover

We start at the beginning. It may seem like common sense, but all too often crucial details are missed in the interest of timelines or profitability. We won’t let that happen. We’ve found that real, thorough preparation saves time down the road. So we ask questions. Lots of them. We look at your project from every angle (both figuratively and literally). And of course, we take plenty of notes and photographs. You see, by understanding every detail of the project, we’re better able to unleash the breadth of our creativity and capabilities.

2. Define

This is where we agree on three important factors: scope of work, budget and timeline. Simply put, we think you ought to know what you’re going to pay—and what you’re going to get for it. We’ll provide you with a document that details exactly what you can expect from Sport Graphics. And don’t worry, tight timelines don’t bother us. No one produces better work on quick turnarounds than we do.

3. Develop

During this phase, we see a lot of smiling faces from our clients. Why? Because at this point, we’re presenting design from our creative team.

We’re also taking those designs and prepping them for production. This is where the vision starts to become a reality. Of course, we’re monitoring all aspects of our work to ensure we’re staying on timeline and within budget.

4. Deploy

Here, all of the planning and due diligence pays off. Instead of a frantic rush to fix last-minute emergencies, we’re producing and installing work that we know will be accurate, effective and impactful. Our experienced team will ensure proper installation at your site. And if the pieces are temporary, they’ll stick around to remove them properly as well. It’s a busy time—but it’s also stress-free for our clients. We’ve done the legwork to make sure of it.

5. Debrief

How’d it go? What did we learn? Is there anything we could have improved upon? After every project, we ask ourselves these questions. We seek your feedback, too. Then, we take all the data and use it to create a detailed project report. To Sport Graphics, the job isn’t really over until we know you feel good about it.