NCAA Men’s College World Series

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What do you do when you want to celebrate your heritage and your future—all at the same time? You call us, of course. In 2011, the College World Series moved from its historic home at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium to Omaha’s new TD Ameritrade Stadium.

The move was an exciting one, but many fans still held the old venue dear. As such, the NCAA needed a way to celebrate the Series’ future while honoring its past.

Where many people would see a tricky juggling act, Sport Graphics saw an opportunity. We created an entire event package for the Series, and it was exactly what the NCAA needed. Our designs featured archival images in order to create a rich sense of history. We then supported our designs with the tagline History Happens Here (which we also created) to help cement TD Ameritrade Stadium as the home for a whole new era of memories.