Behind the Scenes: 2017 Final Four


Behind the Scenes: 2017 Final Four

Photo Credit: Tyler Rump, Section 127

Likely, you’re focusing your attention on the action happening on the court as your favorite team attempts a run at the national title. Look around the arenas, walk through a host city or take in the March Madness Music Festival and you’ll see a space transformed just for the tournament.

The Sport Graphics team spends more than a year conceptualizing, creating and implementing big ideas that create even bigger memories. During that time, there’s unwavering focus on a single objective: deliver a winning experience for the NCAA, student-athletes and fans as we march toward the presentation of the NCAA championship trophies.

Just like the most storied athletics programs, it takes a highly coordinated, talented and passionate team at SG to pull off clutch shots like the men’s and women’s NCAA championships.

 Let us introduce our starting lineup:

You can’t step into a tournament site or watch a game on TV without seeing our creative work. The court and ticket designs, graphics throughout the arenas and the host cities, temporary wayfinding signs and systems, and the personalization of the players’ locker rooms (just to name a few), all are examples of the SG effort. Our 40-plus person design team, led by Executive Creative Director Kyle Eaker, and aided by Josh Lee and Scott Taylor, creative leads for the Men’s and Women’s Final Fours, respectively, ensures that every detail is on point.

What good is a well-designed play if the execution isn’t on par? VP of Planning and Installation Jim Caudill brings a mindset of breaking things down and figuring out the best approach. He applies this to every challenge we throw at him – and trust us, we can throw some doozies his way!

VP of Manufacturing Kevin Hancock along with Mike Poe and Dan Gomes lead our production team through the precision creation of more than 12,500 banners, wall coverings and signs – many team-specific – that are produced in our Indianapolis facility and distributed to host sites across the country. Talk about hustle!

Director of Client Services Colleen Goddard, along with Men’s Final Four Project Managers Simon Lee and Sean Dunham and Women’s Final Four Project Manager Jenny Cook, never take a time out. They’re involved in nearly every minute of play – from the kickoff meetings and site visits to coordinating the Xs and Os of our game plan alongside the NCAA, venues, and production and installation partners. If you need them during March Madness, you’ll find them in residence at University of Phoenix Stadium or American Airlines Center. Now that’s living the game!

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