Weʼre the nationʼs leading specialists in ‘wow, thatʼs awesome.’

It’s not easy to impress the NFL. Or the NCAA. Or countless fans and consumers worldwide. But we’ve done it. How? By committing ourselves completely to the task at hand—regardless of size, deadline, or obstacles.

That’s how we’ve worked from the very beginning.

Sport Graphics was founded in Indianapolis back in 1986 by Frank and Linda Hancock. The idea was simple: serve as the go-to resource to the city’s many professional and amateur sports events. We soon realized something important: the hustle, the dedication, and the quality that worked well in sports-crazed Indianapolis also worked well for other clients across North America.

In the years that followed our opening, Sport Graphics grew into a multifaceted company offering branding, production, installation, and distribution. We’ve also branched outside the sports industry, too. Today, we work with a wide variety of clients.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another company like ours. We have every aspect of project planning, creative development, production, installation, and teardown literally housed under one roof. And more importantly, every facet of our operation is marked by the highest standards of quality and client-centric thinking.

We specialize in great big events. And tiny little details.

We don’t just do it all. We do it all exceptionally well—and we’re particularly proud of that. After all, what good are complete in-house capabilities if the work isn’t truly outstanding? Conversely, what good are great ideas if there’s no means to execute them?

We put clients first here. Their timelines. Their budgets. Their brands. Whether itʼs a pro-sports league in the international spotlight, or a small college trying to establish a brand, we dedicate ourselves to the task at hand with unrivaled enthusiasm and experience.