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IU Football – Sport Graphics

Sport Graphics is a long-time partner of Indiana University.
We’ve worked with the school in many different areas over the years, providing design, branding, production, and installation.
Recently, we were presented with the exciting opportunity to completely rebrand its football stadium.
We provided décor throughout the entire facility, taking advantage of every available space to maximize the IU Football brand and bring its rich heritage to life.
We wanted to give the entire structure a uniform look and feel.
This was first accomplished by emblazoning the outside of the stadium with the bold lettering and colors of the University.
Inside the building, we transformed the locker rooms, corporate suites, vending areas, concourses and tunnels with customized IU décor.
We wanted to bring a feeling of pride and history to every person that enters the venue, whether it be a player or fan of the team.
After the success of the initial project, we continue to work on enhancing the branding and décor at Memorial Stadium.






























































































































































































































IU Aquatic Center – Sport Graphics

Indiana University has a long and historically important swimming and diving program, including six NCAA Division I championships and nine more top-five finishes.

The athletics department came to Sport Graphics in pursuit of a new look and theme for the Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center.

The goal was to showcase the history and legacy of IU Swimming and Diving,  but also have the decor serve to intimidate the competition.

We talked with Sport Graphics Director of Creative Services, Theresa Harris about the project.

“The spirit of the decor was, ‘Hey you’re coming into our house and we have a story to tell, so you better bring your A-game!’

We wanted to share the legacy and championship atmosphere of the swimming and diving programs through their building.”

Diving well at IU Aquatic Center

“In the diving well area we added some Indiana Hoosiers decor to the edge of the boards and then filling in the backdrop with IU historic champions. And the whole panel system was created with the idea of expanding on the history as their team continues into the future.”

IU Natatorium Bloomington, Indiana.

“We wanted to honor the facts and figures but also make the display interesting to look at. Pool level we pulled out important facts and made them large and the numbers are meant to have an impact and intimidate the competition.”

Honor Level NCAA Champions Banner

“Each of these natural insets that were created by the structure of the building we used as a frame and built a 3 tier system. I wanted to make them feel dimensional. We built custom rigs to hang 3 levels of banner. It’s all 13 oz. Vinyl. There is about 6 inches between each level. It has a shadowbox effect which is what we were going for.”

The Pool at the IU Aquatic Center

“They presented us with a very challenging building to work with because of the metal structure and we could not hang anything plus there was very little flooring. We had to use their existing framing systems and we found a way for the art to be set up as it is. The goal was to honor the programs history and to create and intimidating environment for visiting programs, I think they accomplished that.”