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Loyola University – Sport Graphics

Sport Graphics is the official graphic design company for the Horizon League.

Loyola University is a member of the Horizon league and we recently did some exciting decor work for them.

The SG creative team that worked on the project was focused on the wolf!

SG Creative Director Eric Folzenlogel discusses the project:

“The inspiration for the design of the Loyola University Basketball PNC student section inside Gentile Center, actually came from the new “wolf” we created within their existing brand. We saw attributes within the already existing wolf logo, that we modified and embellished – the eyes. The wolf eyes became a great focal point in which we decided to build graphics around and will continue that theme in other areas on Loyola campus.”

Materials –

Back wall was painted Loyola Maroon

Yellow areas and white lettering are PSV

Wolf was printed on PSV and mounted to 1/8 Dibond

Patrick Kraft the Senior Athletic Director at Loyola had this to say about working with Sport Graphics on this new decor project.

“Working with Sport Graphics has been a fantastic experience. I know when the time comes to bring the Sport Graphics team in, we are about to work on a project that will impact the whole department, whether it’s the current athletes, staff members, alumni, the student body or even the casual fan. Sport Graphics helps convey the message of the department in such a powerful and dramatic way.”

We asked Patrick about the project and how the fans and alumni have reacted.

What were you looking to change about the look and feel of the Loyola décor?

We were moving into a new arena and we wanted to make a statement. We wanted something that would be a very visible sign to the direction of our department. We wanted a look that was bold, fresh, with an attitude.

What has the overall reaction been on the new look at Loyola?

The reaction has been overwhelming. It is arguably the most talked about element of the new arena. The most common response is simply “wow, that is awesome”. I think that says it all.